There are those companies that are quite adept at not only training their employees, but bringing them to a point of being a true integral part of the operation.  Yamaha Electronics Corporation gets it… Fred Smith of Federal Express gets it… Duane Hagadone of Northern Idaho’s Coeur d’Alene Resort gets it.  It’s all about cultivating the relationship between company or operation and the most valuable customer.

Tomm brings a passionate (verging on, “out-of-control”) approach to customer relations management and the marketing principles that go with it.  You can benefit from this enthusiasm for the obvious that seems to slip past those who essentially have no idea what the true nature of the business is.

As an Aries and “only child,” Tomm has the ability… and the charming narcissism... required to prevent any audience from grabbing even a few moments of nap time, no matter how badly needed after a day of meetings and break-out sessions.  Your group, organization, or conference can tap into the enthusiasm, frustration, and ultimate clarification that is delivered to any gathering that is seeking to discover what exactly it is that's missing from their approach to customer relations, customer service, and therefore, customer satisfaction. 

Book now to give your conference or seminar attendees something old to think about in a new, exciting, and productive way.
"The deepest principle of human nature is the craving to be appreciated.”   

—William James
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